Uluru Toilets
It is not an exagerration to say that Central Australia is one of the most incredible places on earth.  One of the highlights is a visit to Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock.  It is simply awesome.

The area is a National Park controlled by local indigenous people.  They have built a Rammed Earth toilet block with composting toilets.  The location is a long way from any city and facilities so needs to be self contained.  The beauty of the RE construction is that it is totally in keeping with the earthy nature of the place.

Nowadays, the traditional owners request that people don't climb the rock as it is a spiritual icon for them.  I climbed it many years ago before they made this request.  I managed another visit in 1996 and I decided to respect their wishes, just as I would respect a request not to climb on the altar at St Pauls Cathedral if I was visiting.  My wife is planning a family adveture to Uluru in July this year.  We shall see...

The alternative two hour walk around the base was exhilirating and peaceful, away from the masses of tourists who do the climb.  There are also views, angles and ancient art that you miss otherwise.  Am I gushing?  Visit and you'll understand why.



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