Ramtec Builders - Western Australia

Ramtec now has their own website, but there's now way I'm removing these great photos.

Contact: Stephen Dobson

109 Forrest St
Cottesloe Western Australia 6011

Tel: (08) 9384 5777
Fax: (08) 9385 1308

P.O.Box 84 Cottesloe
Western Australia 6911

International (+61) (8) 93845777
International (+61) (8) 93851308

Mobile: 0419 956 819

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Rammed Earth house - Perth

Ramtec's Rammed Limestone was used to build this two storey inner suburban home in Perth , Western Australia , to create a streamlined, modern effect. Rammed limestone consists of crushed limestone and white cement and is used extensively in coastal and city projects.

Entry featuring rammed limestone on a coastal holiday home designed and built by Ramtec of Cottesloe in Western Australia.

Rammed Earth home - Cottesloe
Rammed Earth home - Perth

Rammed earth rural retreat just north of Perth built by Ramtec featuring solar design - northerly aspect provides light and warmth. The thermal mass of the walls (300mm thick) evens out daytime/ night time temperature fluctuations and provides a pleasant living environment.

Rammed earth in a tropical setting at Broome, WA. Wide verandahs, interesting pillars and design for cross-flow ventilation to capture any breeze make this home an ideal for living in the tropics. Built by Ramtec's Broome Office.

Rammed Earth home - Broome
Rammed Earth home - Mandurah

Rammed earth modern design on the canals at Mandurah, WA. A combination of earth, stone and black window/door frames creates a strong and interesting design. Designed and built by Ramtec,Perth ,Western Australia .

Rammed earth has been used in many public arenas. This Church at Margaret River was one of the first and created a public awareness of rammed earth which has seen the Margaret River area become home to the highest percentage of new rammed earth constructions in Australia. Twenty per cent of all new homes are built using rammed earth.

In addition, many of the local wineries and tourist resorts have been constructed out of rammed earth. Rammed Earth walls built by Ramtec's Margaret River Office.

Rammed Earth church - Margaret River