Kooralbyn Resort
Kooralbyn Valley, Queensland, Australia
Kooralbyn Resort is about 1 1/2 hours South West of Brisbane, Australia and is a huge Rammed Earth structure that took several years and mega$$ to build.  Unfortunately they have had a bit of financial troubles recently but with new owners things are looking up.

I don't think the management appreciate the beauty of the place because they play down the walls calling it "compacted stone-like material".  However, it is absolutely beautiful and looks wonderful as the sun sets on it.  Having built my own Rammed Earth house, I regard Kooralbyn Resort as the mecca of R.E. in the Southern Hemisphere and thoroughly enjoy visiting there, with the added bonus that I get paid to go there to perform every couple of months or so!!

  A view from one end of the resort.  What you can see here is a couple of the accomodation wings.  

They all have R.E. Walls between the rooms. 

My kids showing attitude beside a post, no light, just art. 
  There are signposts like this around the resort 
I feel the designers deserve credit for making the Rammed Earth an integral part of the structure, not just a "pretty" facade. 
Here is a storage area, also R.E.
and a loading dock. 
How's this for committment?  They have even rammed the electrical box for the outdoor entertainment area.

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