Wholistic Healing Centre
This building is in Buderim on the Queensland Sunshine Coast, about 1 hour north of Brisbane.  There is a Healing Centre on the street front and a seperate Rammed Earth set of offices behind.  The walls have been bagged and are suffering a bit of deterioration in areas that appear to be damp.
This is a wall along the entrance just off to left of photo above. 

Nice letterbox rammed into the wall.   

Notice fairly serious deteroration at ground level.  Note also staining on shaded side of wall which adds some character, but indicates that dampness is a problem.

Detail of the point where vertical and horizontal sections meet. 
A close-up of a rear wall.  Notice how the bagging is starting to lift in the circled area.  This is evident on many places on the walls.  Not a structural problem but definitely an aesthetic problem.
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