Erica Hughes, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, has had a Cinva Ram made.
Actually, she had four built since it was cheaper that way, so if you are interested in buying one...
She sent me these shots for inclusion on my pages.  Thanks Erica.
To operate a Cinva Ram, the handle is swung out of the way so the top can be opened.  Material is then placed into the "box" and the lid closed.
The handle is then swung over the contraption forcing a plate upwards from the bottom.  The length of the handle providing lots of pressure via leverage.
When the material is fully compacted, the handle is swung back again, opening the lid and in theory...if it has been constructed properly, the brick will be forced upwards again.  Since there is no lid now, the brick is pushed part way out of the box and can be removed lifted out for stacking and drying.
It is hard physical work, but rewarding and a cheap and effective way of manufacturing compressed earth bricks.

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