Down to Earth Brick Machine Co

Kevin Davies Ph: +61 7 5537 9872 Mobile 0407 534 763

My memory is a bit fuzzy on how I met Kevin, he may have been operating the machine that was making bricks at the quarry where I sourced the material for my house. It was a case of serendipity because I needed some bricks and since these were made from the same material, they blend perfectly with the rest of the earth walls.

Kevin went on to build a mobile brick press attached to a bobcat. This was obviously the predecessor to the Brickmaster, a fully portable brick maker.

Sorry about the quality of the scan, someone gave me a scanner and I think I now know why :o)


Here are a few examples. I particularly like the weathered bricks

Sandstone earth bricksstandard deep raked earth bricks

Standard flat earth bricksweathered earth bicks